“I just couldn’t take my eyes off it” – Owen

I am very proud of my work and I am also immensely proud of the lovely things people often say about it. Here are some extracts I hope you will find interesting:

“I bought my first Francis Jordan painting in 2009 when I was walking past a gallery in Shirley, Surrey My attention was brought to a painting in the window of an underwater scene looking up to the sun, through the water. It was so vibrant and realistic, I just could not take my eyes off it.


Since that day when I had to have that painting, I own 6 pieces of Francis’s work, one of which is a painting that I commissioned Francis to paint. Francis has the ability to capture the moment in her art work, she is truly talented and I am continually mesmerised by the talent and eye that she has. Incredibly, it is not the first time that my eye has been drawn to her work in a gallery windows, and again, paintings that evoked a desire to take it home. Thank you, Francis for giving me such pleasure when I look around my home.”


“Our first contact with Frances’ work was about ten years ago. We’d arrived at a concert in Ipswich and were a little early. Opposite the Ipswich Regent was a gallery and framing shop, so we decided to take a look. In the window was what I can only describe as a ‘standout’ painting of a lava flow with striking colours and textures – we just couldn’t take our eyes off it. I think we both knew at that point that we had to have it and bought it the very next day.

Since then we have commissioned another painting, this time a view from the depths looking towards the light and as you can see from the photograph it’s hanging pride of place in our living room. Absolutely beautiful and also thought provoking, a move from dark to light, symbolising hope in the current situation that we find ourselves in.

We’re now talking to Frances about a third painting, something which retains the natural world theme of the first two. We don’t need to dwell on Frances talent and ability to create incredible images, the paintings clearly speak for themselves. We have no doubt that our new painting will be another stunning addition to our home.”

Rob & Vicki

Anonymous – but another happy ! – customer

Frances Jordan Artist